Monday, May 31, 2021

Seals at Takur Ghar

A few days ago I wrapped up these six figures. They are meant to represent the Navy Seals at Takur Ghar.

These figures started out as early war US Special forces 2001/2002 (USS02 codes). I gave them all head swaps using heads from Delta Force figures (Mogadishu). The helmets then had their holes filled in and some gear added to them with green stuff and some plastic sprue. Each got a green stuff hood, new front ammo pockets (four not three as originally sculpted) and some more back straps. I also sculpted a holster for each (some with a small pistol handle) and extended their pants a bit. One figure got new hands to hold a swapped in SR-25.

Next up is a small batch of Australian SAS in Afghanistan.

RH Models USS02-* with head and weapon swap; USS02M4GL* with head swap
RH Models USS02-* with head swap; USS02-* with head swap
RH Models USS02M60 with head swap; USS02M4GL* with head swap

I didn't have too many pictures to go off of. My main source of inspiration was one image of a Seal at Takur Ghar from Osprey's book about the battle in their RAID series. Based on information in that book I found specific pictures online of the equipment said to be used.

Navy Seal at Takur Ghar.
John Chapman's holster from Takur Ghar as displayed at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.

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