Thursday, January 26, 2017

OMON platoon

With the completion of nine more of RH Model's modern Russians I have my first complete Russian platoon (3 squads of seven, plus two commanding figures). I'm not really sure of the organization of OMON troops in Chechnya so this is just a guess. I continued the camouflage schemes of the last batch, mostly winter SMK with some early Kamush (tiger stripe) pants and vests. These figures have some head swaps and green stuff hoods and back vest pockets. While carving off the original pockets and sculpting these additions I prepped two more batches of figures and so at this point my next batch is well on its way. :)

RH Models RUS23E; RUS20E; RUS25O
RH Models RUS20* with head swap; RUS20COME
RH Models RUS20COME; RUS20* with head swap; RUS20BG* with head swap