Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Special Forces and Border Guards

This morning I finished up some miniatures. :) The first half of this batch is meant to complete a unit of winter season Russian special forces 1995-1996 I worked on a few months back and put aside until my finger healed completely. Like the first half of the unit they have some green stuff jack extensions, new big collars (more green stuff) and a few head swaps (Rolf does make a special forces, H helmet, RPG pack, but I didn't have it when I worked on these.).

RH Models RUS20COMH; RUS20BGH; RUS23* with head swap; RUS21* with head swap

RH Models RUS20BG* with head swap; RUS23B with head swap; RUS23* with head swap

Kizlyar Airport immediately after fighting (Kizlyar-Pervomayskoye hostage crisis). (January 9th, 1996).

Russian forces in Pervomayskoye (January, 1996).

The second half of this batch is a quick set of 2nd Chechen war Russian border guards. There's lots of pictures of such soldiers available online as most photographers weren't allowed into Chechnya during the 2nd war and they had to photograph something, etc. I had been wanting to do these for some time because they wore camouflage variants not used by more front line troops (a darker winter tiger stripe, a more black/gray winter SMK and a winter/urban reed pattern). These figures have some pockets trimmed off of them, hoods added, sculpted on big collars and a few head swaps.

RH Models RUS20COME; RUS20* with head swap

RH Models RUS20* with head swap; RUS25R; RUS20* with head swap

Russian border guard and Chechen civilian at Sleptsovskaya checkpoint. (January 20th, 2000)

Russian special police at checkpoint on Ingushetia border. (January 12th, 2000)

Russians near border of Ingushetia and Chechnya. (January 12th, 2000)

Chechen woman and Russian guards at refugee camp near Ingushetia border. (December 18th, 1999)