Sunday, October 18, 2015

Forage and Prayer Caps

It took me a little longer than I planned (when does it not?) to complete my most recent batch of minis, but today I wrapped up my work on them and took some pictures. To add even more variety to my Chechen forces and expand my coverage of both conflicts I painted up some figures with forage caps, a few with colorful prayer caps and beards and one figure for my D30 crew. Here's the figures and the pictures that inspired them. Next up is a batch of figs representing Georgian government officials, few early war Chechens with AKs and two guys with shotguns (useful for a bunch of conflicts). After that I'm really hoping to work on my winter camouflage (i.e. white smocks) Chechens. It's getting cold here in New England and I'm in the mood to paint appropriately!

RH Models MULT55; MULT52

RH Models MULT50

RH Models makes some great bald and bearded guys one or two of them have prayer caps. I haven't found too many pictures of Chechen fighters with bald heads (no caps anyway), so I used some green stuff to make some more caps. I'm really pleased with how they turned out. My modification dreams are much bigger than my sculpting skills, so I'm starting with the easy stuff first! I really like the chance this gave me to use some new, brighter colors.





I was inspired by these pictures I found.

October 19th, 1999 Chechens checking out machine gun in Grozny

Chechens sitting in front of Grozny ruins (August 26th, 1996)

Chechen fighter in woods October 1st, 1999

Russians meeting with Chechens in Grozny September 1st, 1996

1996, August 31st: Chechen fighters near Russian AFV in Grozny

Chechen leadership planning somewhere in central Chechnya (December 12th, 1999)

Chechen commander Lechi Dudayev in Grozny (October 31st, 1999)

1999-10-21: Chechens sitting on top of APC in Grozny

August 22nd, 1995: Chechen fighter talking to civilian, Kurchaly


  1. Really impressive mate, you got painting camo down to a fine art. I love reading what you are up to :) Great idea with the prayer caps!

  2. Thanks! I'm looking forward to painting some non-camo guys next at this point as it takes lots of time, but I there are still some later camo schemes I'm looking forward to trying to paint. 2016 The Year of Russians (for me) should lead to lots and lots of camouflage.