Monday, May 16, 2016

Camouflage ... Yup, I've had enough of it for a few weeks. I still love it, but I could sure use a break. Bring on the plain khaki!

To beef up my Pro-Russian separatist force I painted another batch of KLMK garbed fighters. I had fun with head swaps again. My favorite is the ranger style field cap.

RH Models MULT*AK with head swap; MULT20AK; MULTBHRPG

RH Models MULT20AK; MULTBAK; BANDAK; MULT52 with head swap

RH Models MULTBHPKM; MULT*AK with head swap

RH Models MULT*COM with head swap; MULTBHAK; MULTBHCOM

Transnistrian National Guard in Bender (July 5th, 1992).

Transnistrian miltiamen patrolling road (July 1st, 1992).

For fun I added a Georgian fighter to this group. I was inspired by a photograph I found that was taken during the defense of Sukhumi. In the image the soldier is shown wearing a sphera helmet (no secondary cover), some sort of early Russian body armor and KZS pants. I swapped a head to get the helmet right, added a green stuff collar and extended the pants with more green stuff. I couldn't get the shoulder pads correct so I went with a slightly different style of early armor. I think the effect is similar.

RH Models RUSBARRPK with head swap (and green stuff)

Georgian fighters tending wounded near Sukhumi (July, 1993).

Kora-1 Body Armor

Sphera (SSH94) helmet

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