Friday, November 10, 2017

This week I finally finished a set of figures I've been working for a while - modifications take a while. This set is meant to be Russians from the First Chechen War wearing the sphera helmet, VSR camouflage winter jackets and various vestments. Six of these figures sport black Kora body armor that I sculpted using green stuff. I think this was a cheaper alternative to the DB* series of body armor. In most pictures I've seen this is colored black, but I've also seen it in light blue and VSR (I'll do the light blue later, but the VSR type I might skip ... . not enough contrast). It was frequently used in the First Chechen War and sometimes during the Second Chechen War. The other figures have assaults vests with three bottom back pockets in three schemes urban BDU (grays, 1st War), brown SMK (1st War) and black (both wars). I gave all figures the jumbo faux fur color typical for the period and extended their shirts to turn them into winter jackets. Next up is a big batch (23) of Russian RIM troops for the 2nd Chechen War, lots of hoods, collars and pockets to sculpt and then some great camouflage schemes to mix and match. After that I want to revisit these great O helmet troops with some figures more suitable for the 2nd Chechen War - assault vests with different camouflage schemes and some jackets with Flora camouflage (like VSR, but horizontal). At some point I'll add figures to this group that have DB3/DB5 armor.

RH Models RUS20AK74O; RUS20COMO; RUS20AK74O; RUS20COM* with head swap

RH Models RUS21F; RUS23E


RH Models RUS20E; RUS25O; RUS26* with head swap

RH Models RUS20AK74O; RUS23B with head swap; RUS20AK74O

RH Models RUS20AK74O with head swap; RUS20BGO

The figures from this set are meant to join the white smock wearing guys I painted earlier as seen on the BTR-70 in the picture below.

Russian Interior Ministry troops patrolling Grozny. (February, 1996)

Russian check cars in Tolstoy-Yurt. (December 11th, 1994)

Russian interior troops cleaning up Grozny suburbs. (March, 1996)

Russian soldiers guarding road as civilians return to Grozny from Urus Martan region, March 22nd, 1995.

Russian soldiers guard the road to Chechnya in Khasavyurt on Chechen border. (December 31st, 1994)

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