Friday, May 4, 2018

Azerbaijani Fighters

Last weekend I finished this big batch of figures (26 might be too many to do at once, sure slows one down). They are meant to represent Fall/Winter Azerbaijani forces during the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. To prep these I did a whole bunch of head swaps, some jacket extensions and some big collars. I painted them with my darker flesh tone, some mustaches, mostly a whole range of khaki and three new Azerbaijan only camouflage patterns. I did the bases with the usual bricks, cinder blocks and trash as well as grass, bushes and some rocks (courtesy of the nearby middle school). In the near future I'll have to do a 2nd batch like these with more RMR figures (older kit), a couple more Azeri-only camouflage patterns and a whole lot more khaki. First, however, I'm half through a batch of Armenian tank/truck riders.

Lately I've been busy reading a big pile of books concerning modeling and painting models. All these figures need vehicles! I've got a big stash of plastic, resin and metal kits waiting for me to get working on them - and a couple of die-casts I might repaint. I haven't bought an airbrush, but soon will do so.

RH Models RMRAKF with some green stuff jacket extensions

RH Models RMRAK* with head swap; RMRRPK with head swap; MULT51 with head swap; EER14

RH Models MULT*AK with head swap; EERKESTAK

RH Models MULT*AK with head swap; MULTBHRPG

RH Models MULT*AK with head swap; EERKESTAK; MULT*RPG with head swap

RH Models RUSAKD; RUSCOMA; RUSAK* with head swap

RH Models MULT*AK with head swap; EER11*

My inspiration pictures:

Azerbaijani fighters with helicopter wreckage. (February 1st, 1992)

Azerbaijani soldiers arrive at a base in the Karabakh. (March, 1992)

Azeri soldiers guide former hostage in Karabakh. (March, 1992)

Azeris decorating donkey. (October 7th, 1992)

Azeri soldier gets attention from medic. (October 7th, 1992)

Azeris feed ammunition belts while another assembles a rocket. (October 18th, 1992)


  1. Superb work- I'd never have guessed they were conversions @If you hadn't have said.