Wednesday, June 19, 2019


This morning I finished basing the 2nd of what I hope to be four groups of Anglo-Irish wars figures. This little set of nine are meant to represent Auxiliary forces. I didn't do any modifications to the figures (although I did have to replace the upper half of the rifle held by figure with an ammo box). The dark green I used for most of their coats didn't give much contrast so it's not a favorite color of mine to use, but it's reasonably accurate. To give them some variety I painted two wearing some sort of civilian long coat. Auxiliaries typically had a badge on their cap. For now I decided not to paint this on as the tam-o-shanter Rolf has sculpted on these guys doesn't present the surface this badge was affixed to. (I can always change my mind later, I reason.) My second batch will probably include some wearing British army greatcoats and perhaps a conversion involving a Lewis gun and/or handgun.

Next up is a double batch of IRA fighters. I'm looking forward to varied civilian clothing.

RH Models ICW7; ICW7; ICW7; ICW7

RH Models ICW7; ICW7; ICW7; ICW7

RH Models ICW7;

I found just a few pictures of Auxiliary forces wearing long coats.

An auxiliary on duty in Dublin. (1920/1921)

An auxiliary on duty in Dublin. (colorized, 1920/1921)
Auxiliaries in Dublin with captured motorcycle. (1920/1921)

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