Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Heavy Weapons

This morning I put the finishing touches on my most recent batch of minis. These minis are my first foray into Chechens with heavy weapons and supplement the figures with AKs I have suitable for 2nd War Chechens. I am still basing a tripod mounted DShK and hope to have a picture of that up soon.

I haven't found any references, text or images, of Chechens using the AT-3 Sagger (Russian name: 9M14 Malyutka), but RH Models make three models of missile controllers as part of their Eastern European Rebels line so I went ahead anyway. It is totally feasible that some were used in the Chechen Wars; certainly someone must have used one in at least one of the Post-Soviet Wars. RH Models controllers and missiles don't feature the wire that connected the remote control to the missile so I modeled this with green stuff (mine are the size of a garden hose, in this scale). I wasn't brave enough to paint the wire bright green like some pictures I have seen, but whose checking?!


RH Models WEA2

AT3-Sagger missile at trade show.

AT3-Sagger missile and controller in CIA museum.

I also added a few miniatures with AK-47's and knit caps to this batch to beef up my 2nd War Chechen force. I tried my hand at yet another variation of urban SMK; a Woodland variant with more a reddish brown and lighter green; and my first attempt at Tiger (one variation anyway, there are several).

RH Models EER2W

RH Models EER2W

Chechen fighters in Grozny (December 2nd, 1999)

Chechens investigated downed Su-25, Goyskoye, October 5th, 1999

Lastly here are two AA gunners I painted to go with two RH Models DShK on AA tripods that I haven't painted yet.

RH Models EER2644

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