Friday, September 25, 2015

More Heavy Weapons

My efforts to add heavy weapons to my Chechen forces have continued. I completed my latest batch of minis this morning. Now I'm onto building a plastic D30 artillery piece and adding green stuff skull caps to bunch of bald bearded dudes.


I don't really need more first War figures with civilian clothes and AK's with grenade launchers, but these are some of my favorite figures so I went with another pack. I really like how the knit cap came and the sneakers came out.


The guy on the left is sporting a rarely seen bicolor Soviet camouflage jacket. The left mini is suitable for the 1st War and the right is a bit more suited to the 2nd War.

An example of Soviet bicolor camouflage

RH Models EER14.5; WEA10; WEA40; EERGUN; Black Dog T72026

I don't have any images of Chechens using a ZPU-1 like the guy on the left, but it seems feasible that they would have used some of these in the 1st War. Likewise, I don't have any photos of Chechens using mortars, but I have read multiple times about them being used. I included a box of mortar shells from Black Dogs excellent set of resin ammo boxes. Getting the boxes of the sprue was a big chore - it took forever - the castings however are great. I also got their set of steel barrels.


Black Dog T72026;RH Models EERGUN;

I watched a video of Ukrainians firing D30s and realized that a firing position has lots of 122mm ammo boxes nearby (just one shell fits in a box) - so I decided to paint up a small stash. These figures will also form the majority of the crew I want for my D30. I've got one more to paint this week.


  1. Skytrex makes a rather excellent D--30 gun, I think I have 4 (2 towed, 1 firing over a flat trajectory AT gun style and 1 rebuilt for long range fire...just a bit of plasticcard and some brass wire made that possible. There should be some pics of that on my Blog somewhere 2011-ish? I'll try and remember your tip on Black Dog ammo boxes and see if there are any for sale at Crisis :)

  2. I thought about the Skytrex D30 but wasn't able to find a seller. I'm building the Military Wheels one now - big pain - but it is coming along. Do you know of any vendor for the Skytrex one. The Black Dog stuff is pretty cool - they also produce a neat set of food in boxes.

  3. Damn, they no longer list their modern stuff and no one has taken over? That's rather stupid :(