Tuesday, November 3, 2015


This morning I finished four casualty markers/terrain pieces I had been working on. They are RH Models CASW set (casualties with Caucasian heads). To make them fit my period of choice a bit better I swapped some heads and added some extras. All four had bare heads, one had a miscast hand so I added a helmet in his hand (out of the couple hundred RH Models figures I've bought I think that's the first miscast). The two helmets and fur hat heads are from RH Models as well. The gas tank is from Sgt's Mess. Below is a picture I used for jerry can inspiration.

RH Models CASW with head swap

RH Models CASW with head swap; Sgt's Mess GM16

January, 1992: Tbilisi


  1. Effective. First I've seen of his newer casualties, they look nice. And a miscast model from Rolf, thats virtually unheard of!

  2. I think they might actually be one of the older sets he is still selling. He also has a three piece skeleton set that's really cool too. I was tempted to rush them for Halloween. Perhaps next year? I've been trying not to paint things too gruesome because of my small kids, etc.