Sunday, January 10, 2016

Berets and a Little More Snow Camouflage

For my latest batch of miniatures I worked on some Chechens with dark green berets (hard to photograph) and some more snow camouflage (also hard to photograph).

Dark green berets seem to be fairly popular for Chechen fighters, especially during the non-winter months. For the most part I resist painting any markings or using colors that would preclude my minis being used for another conflict, but a beret has to have one color or another so I of course went with dark green. For one of the figures I painted on a variant of DPM camouflage (the RPG guy) that I've seen in use only a few times. I read online that it was used by OMON forces, but strangely the only pictures I have of it in use are Chechen fighters. I painted a fourth figure with a beret in this batch, but I messed up the camo on that one so he met the stripper.


Rebel in Grozny (March 11th, 1996).

Chechen observing street (Grozny, August 1st, 1996).

Chechen with RPG in Grozny on August 17th, 1996.

Last batch I painted miniatures in snowsuits so this time I wanted to add a few that had pieces of snow camouflage on or different types of snow attire. This mix and matching of camouflage (woodland schemes) with white snow camouflage was popular during both the first and third battles of Grozny. For these I had to sculpt on hoods, jacket extensions and a headband. I'm very pleased with the way the hoods came out. I'll have to sculpt a lot more of them in the future.



Chechen rebel standing in doorway in Grozny, January, 1995.

January 13th, 1995, Chechens drag dead Chechen fighter away from fighting in Grozny.

Rebel flying Chechen flag atop AFW in Grozny center (January 2nd, 1995).

Chechen fighters resting in Alkhan-Kala during evacuation from Grozny, February, 2000.


Chechen rebels on road to Grozny, January 19th, 1995.

Chechen in winter gear (Grozny, January 24th, 1995).

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