Tuesday, April 26, 2016

More Pro-Russian Forces

I had so much fun making and painting pro-Russian fighters for use in Transnistrian War battles that I decided to do another batch. For some of these figures I did some head swaps ... I can't stop myself! In this batch I began my transition to using Rolf's multi-purpose figures to represent the KLMK camouflaged uniforms without hoods I've seen in pictures. My next batch will be primarily composed of those. For two of the figures I decided to paint their chi-com ammo rigs medium blue to reflect a video I've seen with such rigs being worn in Bendery. It was a good excuse to use a color I don't use too much. Painting all these sun bunnies sure took a long time (2 evenings), but in the end I think it is worth it.

RH Models RUSAK* with head swap; MULT20AK; MULT*AK with head swap; RUSBG* with head swap

RH Models RUSRADB; RUSPKM* with head swap; RUSSNIV; MULT*AK with head swap

RH Models MULT*AK with head swap; RUSAKH

Cossacks in Moldova during Moldova/Transnistria War.

Pro-Russian fighter in Dubossary, Moldova (June, 1992).

For the figure below I was inspired by one of my favorite pictures of Pro-Russian volunteers in Bendery. The camouflage suit the man in foreground is wearing according to my Russian Camouflage book is called KZS and is made of some sort of cheap, burlap-like fabric. It doesn't look too comfortable and fades like crazy to colors that range anywhere from bright yellow to dark green. The picture shows a hole in the suit near the guy's elbow, so I did my best to reproduce that with some green stuff.

RH Models RUSRPG* with head swap

Russian-speaking nationalists fighting in Bendery, Moldova (June 29th, 1992).

Lastly, just for more fun I painted up a figure inspired by set of pictures I've found of Georgians resting in Gagry. The guy in the picture is definitely wearing the Soviet panama cap with the strap used to bend up the sides. A few of Rolf's bush hat guys seem close enough to me, so I painted one up to match the picture.


Georgian fighters in Gagry, Abkhazia (September, 1992).

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