Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pro-Russian Forces

Fighting in Bendery, 1992.

Inspired by a couple of videos I found on You Tube of Pro-Russian fighters (Transnistrian forces were composed of volunteers, Cossacks, elements of the Soviet 14th Army and handful of Ukrainians) street fighting in Bendery, summer 1992, I decided to paint a bunch of RH Model Russians.

The videos I've seen and pictures I've collected show the forces wearing all manner of headgear so lots of fun head swaps were in order. Transnistrian fighters appear to occasionally wear orange-red headbands and armbands so for this batch I added one of those (pro-Moldovan forces on the other hand wore white headbands/armbands). The figure in a panama cap was inspired by a picture of an Abkhazian I've found, but I suppose he could also be fighting in Moldova during this period as well. I experimented a bit with the green used for these. For half of the figures I went with a equal mix of Dark Green 860, SS Bright Green 833 and Yellow Green 881 to produce the more yellowish green used and for a richer green I went with Richard of Cold War Hot Hot Hot's 2/3 Reflective Green 890 and 1/3 SS Bright Green 833. There's evidence for lots of variation (fading?) so more mixes could be possible. For the Cossack officer caps I went with a mix of 2/3 Medium Camouflage Brown and 1/3 Brown Violet.

I've got a bunch more of guys like these in the queue, more KLMK dudes and then lots of khaki. The Cossack forces in particular should be fun to paint. Last week I won an award at work for a short project I did and I put the money towards a resin casting set. Fun stuff coming in the future!

RH Models RUSAK* with head swap

RH Models RUSCOMOFF; RUSRPK* with head swap; RUSAKBH; RUSCOM* with head swap

RH Models RUSRPGKNV (one with head swap); RUSAKB

RH Models RUSAKH; RUSAKB, RUSAKB with head swaps

Pro-Russian militia and Cossacks marching to defend Bendery in 1992.

Abkhazian fighters celebrating in 1992.

Russian troops (of the 14th Army?) on the border of Moldova and Dniepr (April, 1992).

Transnistrian separatist, Bendery (June 30th, 1992).

An Italian re-enactor group, Hot-Shots, doing a Russian speaking separatist impression.


  1. Very nice - perfect inspiration for my next batch in 15.

  2. That's alot of sun bunnies you painted! Lovely!

    1. Thanks! It took two nights to paint those things, but in the end I think it was worth it.