Sunday, February 12, 2017

More Snow

Well they might be tough to photograph, but I do enjoy painting figures in snowsuits. The snow outside has certainly helped my motivation.

All of these figures are meant to be Chechen rebels from the First Chechen War. The bulk of this group of figures are done up in snow coverall suits; the peak usage of this camouflage seems to be January 1995 in Grozny. The seven figures on temporary bases will join a couple others and be used in the future to crew two 122mm D30 guns I need to build and paint. I think the snow crew will look great with a field piece that has some blankets draped over it like in the photo below. I think my green stuff sculpting skills are up to that now. :)

RH Models RUSAK* with head swap; RUSAKD; RUSAK* with head swap

RH Models RUSBG* with head swap; RUSAKH

RH Models RUSGUN* with head swap; RUSGUNH; RUSGUN* with head swap

RH Models MULT20GUN; RUSGGUN with head swaps

Chechens in a street fight. (Grozny, January 25th, 1995)

Rebel fighter in Grozny during First Chechen War.

Chechen fighters manning a disguised D30 in the Zavodskoi district of Grozny (January 24th, 1995).

Chechens with D30 (January 25th, 1995).

Chechen rebels with D30 artillery piece in Pervomayskaya (December 12th, 1994).


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    1. Ha. Just wish I could paint faster ... don't we all though?

  2. Just discovered this some excellent stuff on !

  3. Thanks! I'm a big fan of your work myself.

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