Saturday, March 11, 2017

Russians in Snowsuits

Russian Interior Ministry forces patrol Grozny (February, 1996).

I'm not sure why, but the above picture is one of my favorite pictures from the First Chechen War, but it is. I've decided to create a unit to represent the guys shown in pictures. First up is a bunch of Russians in snowsuits. The bulk of these use Rolf's new RUSAK74H pack with head swaps to represent the soldiers in this unit. I also used some other packs for figures with other weapons. The one kneeling guy with binoculars is meant to be a Chechen gunner. In the upcoming months I hope to paint additional figures for this unit, modern Russian figures with mostly O helmets, VSR camouflage jackets and pants, with black and other vests - as well as modern Russian figures with body armor and O helmets also in VSR camouflage (I'm hoping Rolf will sculpt some figures with modern Russian body armor, 6B3-5, or I might convert my own). Lastly, I'll need a trio of BTR-70's with this camouflage pattern. That's it for snowsuits for me ... I'm on to some Cossacks.

RH Models RUSAK74H with head swap

RH Models RUSAK74H with head swap

RH Models RUSAK74H with head swap

RH Models RUSRPK* with head swap; RUSRPG* with head swap; RUSSPOTV?

Motorized Russian infantry in Grozny (1999-2000).

Russian marines in Grozny (2nd Chechen War).

Russian soldier smoking cigarette in Grozny (February 6th, 2000).

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